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Organization/Institution of Electronic Islamic Academy for the memorization of The Holy Quraan

The electronic recitation classes Allah (SWT) said in Surat Al-bqara verse 121:{ Those to whom We gave the Book (the Prophets and the Messengers) read (and expl...


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Maqraa statistics

  • 22217 Number of weekly memorizers
  • 1713668 Number of pages
  • 80015 Number of juz'
  • 848 Full Quraan memorizers
  • 130768 Number of hours of Maqraa

About Us

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    Sheikh Saleh Al-Sheikh

    All Praise to Allah, who taught by the pen, and taught mankind what he didn’t know, and made the way easy to spread and b more..

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    Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh

    From Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh to the Venerable Brother Sheikh / Rashid bin Othman Al-Zahrani ... General more..

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    Dr. Saad Shathri

    Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Prophets and Messengers: By the grace of Allah, his Glorified and E more..



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